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Domain Name:

Cheap Domain Name:

Note: I do not recommend for your main website.
They have the power to shut you down. Read the TOS carefully.
The last time I checked you do not own the domain name
of your website, but you rent it from them for 99 years.
That means that they can shut you down anytime they want to
if they receive a spam complaint from others.

Web Hosting:

Quality Hosting Service:

Note: This is the web hosting service I do recommend do my students as it has many features you need
for your business.

Transfer files to your server:

Auto-responder System:

Popular Auto-responder System:

Note: This is the most popular auto-responder system among many marketers

Recommended for big list owners:

Note: Once you reach a certain amount 100,000 subscriber, I do
recommend that you use infusion soft. It is somewhat pricey, but it
is worth every penny for the convenience it provides.

For example: Other auto-responder services will unsubscribe your
leads without letting you know. With infusion, the members may
need to go to the members area to unsubscribe. Also, it is easier
for membership site integration.

Merchant Account:


Note: I do not recommend paypal for Internet marketing and
self-improvement niches. I also do not recommend paypal for
subscription services either unless you have the account
representatives of paypal to say “OK” to it.

Paypal is known to freeze your account anytime they want to
for six months without letting you know. I had the same
nightmares, as well with paypal, where they froze my account
when I was on vacation in Seattle back in 2004. I had to
borrow money in order to stay on the trip.


Note: I love 2checkout. They are very reliable and always pay
on time. In the beginning, the customer service was rude. However,
as the company grows bigger, it seems that they have improved
the customer service parts better than before.

So, if you do NOT have a good credit or are located overseas, I
do recommend you to use 2checkout for all your transactions.
The only drawback I see with 2checkout is for the very first
paycheck, you may need to wait up to two weeks before they
release your payment. — It is recommended for anything but
Internet Marketing Niche.


Note: Clickbank could be another solution. However, I just do NOT
like the idea of getting paid every two weeks from clickbank.
It is not something I would really recommend that much as
a third party merchant account.

Merchant Account:

Note: I know that even if you have bad credit you can have a merchant
account. The only drawback that I see IF you have a large
transaction, they will freeze your account right away. They
want to see an unreasonable amount in the bank account associated
with the checking account you provided to them.

For example: I seldom use this merchant account, where I leave
it with a transaction of $1,500.00 per month on average. One
day, I decided to use the merchant account for my big ticket
item, so the transaction is growing to $20,000 – $30,000 per
month. Within two months, it shut my account down and held
my money for six months.

Design Your Website:


Nvu (Pronounced N-View)

HTML beginner tutorial

Shopping Cart System:


Note: I use this shopping cart system mainly for affiliate
programs. This allows me to manage my affiliates in one place.
You can even integrate this with paypal,, as well
as 2checkout if you wish.

Membership Site:


Note: I like the functionality of this membership script.
However, I do have problems with the design on it. This
is why I paid extra to get the design perfect before
I launched my membership site to the public.

Ad Tracking System:


Note: I do like this script a lot to track the users that
come to my site. This allows me to know how many sales
I get, how many subscribers I receive, and much more. The
only drawback that I see would be, it doesn’t really allow
me to track my pay per click campaign in details.


Adobe Acrobat Professional:

Note: You can convert microsoft word into PDF files. The cool
thing about this will be, it will also make the URL clickable.
I know there are some PDF converters out there for cheap.
However, many of them do not have the features on making
the URL clickable.

CD/DVD Duplication:

Note: This is the cheapest version for sending your product
to customers. I do NOT recommend that you go to product
fulfillment company before you look at the pricing on this.

Video to Blog:

Note: This software product allows you to insert professional video
into your blog. It is also the software that we use on our website as well as
in the members area.

Keyword Research:

Spy on your competitors ads on PPC

Note: I know it is a kind of unethical. However, this tool
allows you to know how much money your competitors are
paying per click, what keywords they use to bid for the
products, as well as enable you to download close to
50,000 keywords in less than one hour.

Keyword research suggestion tools

Note: I tried this, but I think it is somewhat complex.
Since it is popular keyword research tools, I do recommend
it for you to make the decision.

Pay Per Click Service:

Google adwords:

MSN adCenter:








Search Engine Submission:

Web Position Gold:

Video & Sound editings:

Camtasia Studio:

Sony Vegas:

Sound editing:

Teleconference & Meeting tools:

Free Conference Calling:

Note: I have used dozens of teleseminar lines
before. Many of them break down in the
middle of the conference. This teleseminar
service is one of the most reliable ones in
the market place.

Webinar tools:

Note: If you choose gotowebinar, it can hold
up to 1,000 people. I use this tool all the
time for my webinar series.

Other tools:


Hint: This is the tool that I used to save
all my passwords.

Yahoo! Messenger:

Note: this is the tool that I used to communicate
with my employees and partners


Note: This is the tool that I used to call overseas
as well as part of my main line for office phone.
It is very cheap for a phone line.

Sugar CRM:

Note: I use the customer relationship management
as a way to have my employees to schedule me with
clients. You can use the same tool to keep your
day-to-day appointments organized.


Note: If you need a fax machine, this is the place
to get it. I definetely will recommend you to get
a fax machine for your business.

Support ticketing system:

Note: This is the support ticketing system that we
use for our business. It is a bit pricey, but it
keeps you organized. I would definately recommend
this script for your business, as it looks very


Note: This is the script that I used to communicate
with my employees. Let’s say I have issue with one
of my websites. I will go ahead and open up the
task for my programmers. If I need one of the designs
done, I will put up the sketch on mantis as well.

This allows me to keep organized on every project
I am working on with my employees.

Outsourcing companies:


Note: It is a great place to find professionals on
this site, but they are somewhat pricey. So, I try
to really shop for the pricing before I say okay
to giving the professional the job.


Note: If you want to find a good programmer, try
scriptlance. This place has ONLY two types of people.
A complete newbies or a complete professional in
programming. Try to be very careful on the amateur
programmers because they will tell you how cheap they
are in pricing.

WARNING: I will definetely avoid those programmers
who say “YES” I can do it without showing the
portfolio they have done in the past.



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Ray Moon August 29, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Thanks so much. If even 1 of these things is useful it will be better than everything I’ve bought


Robert Littlefield November 5, 2012 at 12:49 pm

definitly some good info to help grow your business.Thanks Henry!
Ive been trying to get this internet marketing down to a science.If anybody wants to learn this business, the heck with the bouncing around to find the golden nuggets,get with someone thats doing it himself and knows how to do it.I like Henry because he tells it like it is. The mans not playing around and is very passionate about his business. Thanks Henry for letting me have the oppurtunity to be trained buy the best! Man I wish I had or access to 5 grand Iknow it would be the best content and the most value you could find!