Email Marketing

Recently, I have had a very serious meeting with a
few marketers who told me that email marketing is
the way of the past. They told me that NO ONE is
reading emails anymore. Everybody goes after
Facebook marketing.
One marketer has even told me that mobile marketing
is the way of the future. When I heard what they
mentioned to me, [...]


Quick Cash in Four Days is one of the systems I
have been using since 2005. I know for a FACT
that it has helped many of my students to increase
their sales in a very short period of time.
At the same time…
It is one of the biggest secrets that I use to
generate quick cash flow for my [...]

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Auto-Responder letters are one of the biggest secrets
I have used to keep monetizing from my subscribers
month after month.
I could be on vacation or even sleeping in my
bed right now as you watch this video.
What do you mean by that, Henry?
                    ”How did you end up
                   watching this video?”
Unless you arrive here [...]


Before you start reading this, I want you to know that there
is NO Naked dude on this post. No need to worry. No need to
freak out. No need to worry about this IF you are reading
this blog post from the place you work, ok?
You see, every single day I received may be 3 [...]


Email marketing revealed. That’s it! I am DONE.
Ok. Ok. I am just kidding, ok?
On this blog post, I am going to talk about some of the advance
strategies that I am going to share with you the fastest
and easiest ways to PROFIT from email marketing.
Again, even though I am very confident that it works [...]


Questions to Henry:
(A) My subscribers do NOT buy the products
        I offer them on the “Thank You” page.
(B) The sales conversion on the “Thank You”
        page is at an all time low.
(C) Can you help me, Henry? Seriously, how
        is it possible that everything that
        you sell turn out to be GOLD and every
        product [...]