Henry Gold

Tiger Eyes!

by Henry Gold

In the last few weeks, I have been staying really
quiet from the public as I focus MORE onto working
on a new project that are about to be released in
the next few weeks. — Well, one of them will be
released as early as next week.
Of course, I worked extremely hard to SERVE my
clients and [...]


When the Tsunami hit Japan on Friday, it reminded me that
our lives can disappear even as we wake up in the
morning. Today, we could still debate about who is
right and who is wrong. The next day….
                 “We Could Be Gone Forever!”
When people talk about we are going to have a better
life tomorrow, seriously, what is [...]


Recently, I received a lot of questions from marketers
asking me the best way to outsource all the tasks that
they have. When I asked them type of tasks that they
want to outsource, they told me EVERYTHING.
One marketer told me that I wish I could just get out
from this or perhaps sell my companies to the first
person [...]


Since a lot of marketers talk about how you JUST need
to sell, sell, and sell. I am here to PROVE it to
them that their methods are completely FAULTY.
Just a disclaimer, ok?
I am NOT here to BE against anyone. I am NOT here to
make marketers miserable. I just want the FACTS to
be out there so people [...]


As you may have already known by now that I have
helped many newbies to become Internet Marketers
in a very short period of time. Sometime, the time
frame was as little as 14 days where they received
roughly about 200+ subscribers.
The problem with some students were…. “They just
don’t see 200 subscribers as valuable at all”
They think that IF [...]


Topic: Generate between $4,000 and $12,000 in 4 days With the Special Deal System — The PX977 Special Deal System

What is The PX977 Special Deal System? — The roadmap, the follow-up system, and what Henry did to generate between $4,000 and $12,000 in as little as four days. (Watch the webinar for details!)
Understand the BUY [...]


Actually, this MADE my day. (Tear)
You know, I worked extremely hard for my clients,
my subscribers, as well as people that visit my
blog and websites.
In addition…
When I deal with each person that I encounter and
SERVE, I do whatever it takes to CHANGE their
life in a larger way. NOW, one of the new students,
who graduated recently, [...]


Topic: 56% Sign-up Ratio on Squeeze Page, 3% Sales Ratio on Thank You Page, and Your 1st Product in 57 Minutes — Get 560 subscribers out of 1,000 people visit your website!

What are the two WORDS you need to use to get 56% sign-up rate on your squeeze page? — Find out what many marketers [...]


Topic: How to Get thousands of subscribers, Make Massive Cash, and Work 37-Minute Per day — No List, No Experience, No Prior Marketing Skills Needed!

The Kaizenology’s Traffic & Profit System ROADMAP for what you need to do build thousands of subscribers on auto-pilot, making passive income, and working as little as 37-minute per day.
How to [...]


Dear Internet Friends,
As it has always been my intention to HELP you on
solving your online pain, I have decided to hold
FIVE live calls next week between January 24, 2011
and January 28, 2011.
It will be a FULL 60-minute content call!
It means that…
- There will be NO sales pitch on each call.
- There will be worksheets available [...]