Internet Marketing

Recently, I received a lot of questions from marketers
asking me the best way to outsource all the tasks that
they have. When I asked them type of tasks that they
want to outsource, they told me EVERYTHING.
One marketer told me that I wish I could just get out
from this or perhaps sell my companies to the first
person [...]


Since a lot of marketers talk about how you JUST need
to sell, sell, and sell. I am here to PROVE it to
them that their methods are completely FAULTY.
Just a disclaimer, ok?
I am NOT here to BE against anyone. I am NOT here to
make marketers miserable. I just want the FACTS to
be out there so people [...]


As you may have already known by now that I have
helped many newbies to become Internet Marketers
in a very short period of time. Sometime, the time
frame was as little as 14 days where they received
roughly about 200+ subscribers.
The problem with some students were…. “They just
don’t see 200 subscribers as valuable at all”
They think that IF [...]


In today’s blog post, I am going to talk about something that
has been bothering my mind lately. It was the questions that
I’ve been receiving constantly from marketers who asked me for
HELP with their business. Questions like:
                  “Henry, my revenue dropped drastically”
               “People just want free products all the time”
         ”Henry, I think I only have freebie [...]

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In today’s blog post, I am going to talk in depth about what
you really need to do to grow to your business to the next
level. I can tell you passionately that this HAS served me
very well in life. It has helped me to GROW my business
to a higher standard where I have more friends, more [...]


In today’s blog post, I am going to talk about the EXACT
secrets you need to use to get every top marketer to
promote your product, even if you are a complete newbie.
You see…
Since 2003, people have been asking me to promote their
products. The scary part is… When I attended seminars,
some attendees would purposely corner me and [...]

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Topic: How to Get 56,000 Suscribers in 30 Days — No List, No Experience, No Prior Marketing Skills Needed!

Who the heck is Henry Gold? — How this 7-Eleven store clerk, who earned $8.50 per hour, earns $50,000 per month online by giving away stuff for free.
What is the actual meaning of a giveaway? — HINT: [...]


On today’s blog post, I am going to discuss in detail
exactly those bad habits marketers make all the time
to RUIN their chances of creating a successful business
on the Internet.
You see…
Every time I talk with marketers, they have a tendency
to focus on quick cash, traffic, and higher conversion.
However, they do NOT realize that sales do NOT [...]


One of the biggest worries for every Internet
marketers is… “TRAFFIC”.
You launched your product.
You asked your partners to promote.
You asked your subscribers to buy.
Now what?
Have a strategy, ok?
You can’t just go on and on to create products
month after month. There is a lot of work involved.
In fact, it can be really painful IF [...]

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Your own personal blog is a fundamental that you need
to build a strong relationship with your audience.
People do NOT purchase from strangers.
Peopld do NOT purchase from friends.
Instead, people purchase their products from a TRUSTED
advisor. That is a friend with authority.
To create authority in your industry requires you to
tell your audience over and over again [...]