Keyword Research

Profitable keywords are one part of the system that we
use to BUILD a successful business on the Internet.
Think about this, ok?
There is really NO BUSINESS at all IF you do NOT know
exactly what keywords people search for when they find
products they would like to purchase.
Will people purchase your product if they search for
keywords [...]


Whenever I think about this, I am really embarrassed. It
is NOT because I had no clue how to do keyword research.
Instead, it was just way too easy to do it, yet it took me
FIVE YEARS to figure this out.
-> What did I do wrong?
-> Why was I so stubborn to think that it MUST be [...]


On this blog post, I am going to mess around with those
people who think they know more about keyword research
than I do. Ok, I am being a little BAD GUY.
However, remember I do it out of love.
So if you think you will feel offended, by all means stop
reading this blog post, ok? The [...]