Tracking System

Track It or Die Trying!

by Henry Gold

Marketers love to talk about traffic, traffic, and
traffic. However, the reason people FAIL online
has nothing to do with traffic.
You can try to get MILLIONS of visitors to your
website. It could be from free or paid advertising.
However, if you don’t track it, you do NOT know
exactly which trafic sources will give you the
best profit for your [...]


-> Why in the world do we need to go through all the painful
      experiences of TRACKING our ads?
-> Shouldn’t we live in a world that is so darn simple
      where everything should be DONE on an auto-pilot?
-> Why do most marketers tell us that there is really NOT
      any money left for us to [...]


Don’t cry for me, my commission.
The truth is… I never left you. It is the people.
The people don’t love me. They don’t want me to have
commissions, there is nothing I can do.
- – – – -
Even though I make fun of this issue. This is a problem
that marketers face every single day in their [...]