Ip Man’s Legacy

by Henry Gold

Over the last few weeks, I have been watching
Ip Man 2. Well, I didn’t have the Ip Man 1 and
don’t bother to get it either. Of course, if
you have NOT watched this movie, I strongly
encourage you to watch this. It does help me
to BUILD the momentum to work harder on building
a successful business online.

The real question is… “What did I learn from
Ip Man? What is his REAL legacy?

NOW… Before you make an assumption that this
is ALL just about Chinese Kung Fu, it is
really NOT. In fact, it is much bigger than that.
How do you know, Henry?

You see…

I made a lot of observation of the characteristic
of every successful individual. I have been made
friends with Billionaires. I can tell you one thing,
that their mindsets are completely different than
regular FOLKS. What is it?

One word: Modesty.


Before you speculate the idea of modesty and compare
it with showing off, there is something else that
you really need to know, ok? Modesty is NOT “I try
to look humble in front of people.” When you said I
am just trying to be this way, it is a FAKE action.

Instead, it is MORE of your real characteristic of
being modest. Otherwise, it will be just another
trial and error. Let me explain, ok?

A lot of people focus their happiness based on outer
factors such as material possessions. When they make
a little money from their business, they spend
it to buy cool stuff. When somebody else has an iPad 2,
they say… “I got to have one of those”

The next thing we know is He shows off his iPAD 2 to
everybody else and tell his friends that he queued for
five hours during the sunny and hot day. One day, as
he got tired of his iPAD 2, he would blame on Steve Job
for being slow to come out with a new iPAD.

What I am trying to say is…

The majority of the people would NOT appreciate what
they have. Many of them are LOST. They get bored. They
feel alone. They feel that they have no clue on what
directions they need to take. This is WHY when the next
big thing comes, they will convince themselves that this
is it. I’ve got to get it. Otherwise, I will miss the bus.

This is the reason we have the POPULAR illness many
Internet entrepreneurs face all the time. It is what
we call… “Information Overload Syndrome”

    “Where does this Syndrome come from?”

It is from our own desire of wanting the NEXT big thing
in life. If we look into the life of Ip Man, he doesn’t
know a lot of stuff other than Wun Chun Style. This is the
technique he knew. He practiced it everyday and preached
the same thing his WHOLE life. His Wun Chun technique has
flourished to over 22 countries.

People made film about him.
People talked about his wisdom.
People loved Wun Chun techniques.

Even though Ip Man’s reputation is so HUGE in front of
others, he didn’t live large. He lived a modest life. In
his private life, all he cared about what his pregnant
wife and sons. Even when you watched Ip Man2, as soon as
he won one of his biggest competitions, all he cared
about going back to his family.

This is the life of modesty.
This is the life of a person who focuses on inner happiness.
This is Ip Man’s legacy.

The question is…

             “Why Do I Tell You All These Things?”

We have been bombarded by all sort of things that we have
to live LARGE and HAVE it all. The Hollywood movie shows
you that we have to spend our money like a BIG boys. The
truth is… “It is just in a movie”

In fact, when I tried to be THAT person in the movie back
in the year 2007, I wasn’t happy. Sure enough, people looked
at me as a big shot. In reality, my friends didn’t want to
be close to me as they felt that I was too arrogant to be
their friends. When I saw this situation, I was pretty
much in PAIN.

Every time I went home, even with the luxury that I had, I
was NOT happy. In fact, at one point in life, back in the
April 2009, I’ve almost told myself that this was the END
of Henry Gold. Of course, I was lucky that I met a good
friend, Dee Ferdinand, who helped me to get back on track.

At the same time…

I became more spiritual than before where I spent 1 – 1 1/2
hours everyday doing meditation. This helped me to stay
in touch with my inner happiness. In addition, it has also
helped me to see the INNER vision on what I truly wanted
in life based on the skills that I have accumulated for
the last 12 years.

-> My students become successful.
-> My subscribers gained more knowledge from the LIVE calls.
-> My partners changed their life.
-> My relationship with people that I love and care become

Basically, these are all the results of being modest. The
question to you is… “What kind of lifestyle would you
like to have? Being Modest or Living Large?”

Let me know your thought, ok? I would love to hear it from
you. :-)

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Lester July 11, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Hey Henry

What you said is so true. I have watched both Ip Man 1 and Ip Man 2, as well as the prequel to it. Yes the “secret” lies in the word Modesty.

This is the thing that is guiding me in my life – No matter how much success I get, I live my life in modesty and always seek to improve myself and help others with improving their lives.



Ernest V Daniels July 11, 2011 at 5:28 pm

Hi Henri
You are one of a type of person I call sir/madam. A person who treats another with consideration and respect. It is an approach that that creates respect in the other person for you. It is the only way to gain true honor and respect which can not be attained by demanding it because of social standing or title.
That you went to the only place (spiritual) to regain your equilibrium shows are not complexly sold out to materialism.


Ernestine Emery July 11, 2011 at 5:52 pm

I think with my personality I would choose being modest – I am not one
to seek the company of big shots, celebrities or well known people – In fact I like to live quietly – some say too quietly


Sue July 11, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Hi Henry

I have watched both of these movies with my husband. I really enjoyed the way he didn’t gloat about his wins. As you say IP man just wanted to get home and be with his family.

Modesty is a great asset to have and sharing your knowledge and helping others should be done selfishly.



Gabriele Odenthal July 11, 2011 at 8:25 pm

Dear Henry…

Like always, a wonderful article. I dont know IP man, but i know what you mean. For me the most importance are my children, to see them grow as personality, that they are, to help them , when its needed, to see their steps that makes me happy.
But also for me now important is the question, what makes me happy? The more i can be happy, the more i can give out, and i like to share, what i posses, even joy, happyness and love.
I am greatful for what i have, what i can learn and all the gifts from every single day.
And the day comes nearer to have you as my coach, that i am realy happy for,
because from you i will learn so much great things.
God bless you!


Bui Chee Leong July 12, 2011 at 1:33 am

Totally agree with you Henry, I’ve watch both Ip Man 1 & 2. He is respected by other Kung Fu Masters due to not only being modest in life but most importantly a higher spirituality. He cares more about his family, friends, and other Masters rather than wealth, reputation and identity.

And yes, a lot “Great” people, their mindset are totally different from normal (what we called majority), they think and act differently, that’s why they were successful and currently still enjoying their life.


william bradbury July 12, 2011 at 2:47 am

I, personally think you are great Henry and would like to be your friend. Without any money right now it is hard for me to get going, but i know I’m going to make it. I am truly not interested in a fortune but I would like to make enough to have a new house and a happy wife and kids.


fred worley July 12, 2011 at 5:59 am

GOOD info Henry thank you for your time. fred


rOBERT lITTLEFIELD November 9, 2012 at 6:32 am

I’ve read this post a couple of times and really got me to thinking and said self,”what do you want to achieve or accomplish running an online business”?
This really had an impact on my thoughts and desires! Its not all about the money here because I know thats just not right. If I base my “whys” on just the money,it’ll never be right because the reasons are’nt right. I want to have the knowledge and education to be an asset to people , and helping them with there problems. Ive been “shall we say self taught”. Shoot if you want to call it that. Thats a joke for the most part. The learning process has been a little bit of success because memorys of first starting out, it was funny because I could barely turn a pc on. Ive been fascinated about the process of having an online business,Ive learned a lot but do not express any kind of expert or anythin like whatsoever. I do feel everybody needs a mentor to show an individual what its all about.personally is there people out there that do have a passion for passing the torch. Those folks are far and inbetween but the ones that do have a strong passion for the teaching aspect of it you can tell right away by there actions and there methods! their sincerity shine through like a beekon in the night.I missed a couple of webinars that I didnt like .I had no choice but heres the good thing ,I have seen the webinars and was actuaal trying to learn even more. From the heart Mr Henry Gold,Ive learned a lot of valuable information and I can definitly feel the love on your passion to show how to pass down the torch.Im not being negative here whatsoever and if I had the income to invest in this mentorship ,I would be tripping over myself to get into your program.I would invest in this traing so fast your head would swim.Im continuing to try and come up with the investment because I know that this would be a lifetime education that would be so intense that you would never forget! Ive learned a lot fom your teachings and would be twice the value of anything out there. Im going to keep plugging along and Henry,i tell you what brother,to bad theres not more people like you in the world today. Im putting everything you taught in the training to good use.Utilizing the skills you teach will someday help me to help others have definite solutions to the problems they have. I will have the ability to give excellent solutions they look for. Im going to try and be the best problem solver I can be.Ill truly enjoy the smiles they hopefully will have. God Bless you Henry and the valuable teachings you have given to a lot of people.Im going to do the best I can to get the investment capitol i need becuse I truly dont think theres another mentor out there anybetter!


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