Lesson #2: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at
1 PM EST and 9 PM EST.

by Henry Gold

Topic: 56% Sign-up Ratio on Squeeze Page, 3% Sales Ratio on Thank You Page, and Your 1st Product in 57 Minutes — Get 560 subscribers out of 1,000 people visit your website!

  • What are the two WORDS you need to use to get up to 560 Subscribers for every 1,000 unique visitors you receive? — Find out what many marketers FAIL to understand and why they need focus on those words instead of trying to seduce people with a whole bunch of free gifts. NOTE: Most squeeze page are ONLY converting between 30 – 50 subscribers for every 1,000 unique visitors. Find out WHAT Henry did differently on the call.
  • Why is it a BIG mistake to giveaway master resale rights or private label rights? — WARNING: This is the reason WHY many marketers will NOT be able to GROW their business to a five to six figure income per month. Find out what you need to do to AVOID this bloody mistake.
  • How to get up to $3,000 for every 1,000 unique visitors you send on a $97 Product.. — HINT: Most marketers will NEVER know this secret as it took Henry Gold FOUR YEARS to have this breakthrough. I can even tell you that it is CRAZY for Henry to reveal this secret to you. :@
  • Which Headline to use on your squeeze page? Long Headline Vs. Short Headline? — On this call, you will learn what you need to do to INCREASE your subscribers by more than 23.7%. NOTE: Some marketers whom have asked Henry for advices told Henry that they see an increase up to 100% on his opt-in rate. In addition, many marketers have even told Henry that they saw an immediate BOOST on their revenue. How? Well, Henry will reveal it on the LIVE CALL.
  • How to create your very 1st product in 57 minutes — If you are TIRED of selling affiliate products especially you only have to share HALF of the money, you will KNOW how to build your product in 57 Minutes. In fact, Henry has been using these techniques QUITELY to package his products between $47 and $97 a pop. NOTE: You just need to do _____, ______, and ______. (Take plenty of notes on this, ok?)
  • And much, much more. (It’s as important as the rest of the information we are going to share with you on the call)

IMPORTANT: It’s crucial that you are in front of your computer at all
, to take advantage of this powerful teleconference calls. Please make sure to have your pen and papers ready.

Now, as you are ready, please follow the step-by-step below:

Step #1: Register For The Call Below:

https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/548390866 (1 PM EST/ 10 AM PST)
https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/936622338 (9 PM EST/ 6 PM PST)

(Note: You will receive your call information as soon as you register for the conference. The gotomeeting system will NOT store your personal information onto their database.)

Step #2: Call In and Interact!
Remember, this is a live event, so get ready to call in and have some fun.

Time and Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Time: 1 PM EST/ 10 AM PST

Call in Number:
[Click Here to Register] (1 PM EST)
[Click Here to Register] (9 PM EST)

Access Code:
[Click Here to Register] (1 PM EST)
[Click Here to Register] (9 PM EST)

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Call us from ANYWHERE in the world for only 0.017 Euros per minute (that is about 1 Euro for one hour)
using Skype.

Here is what you need to call with Skype:

  • First Download Skype if you don’t have it already and sign in.
  • After you start the Skype program, click on Account -> Buy Skype Credit
  • When you have some credit in your account, you can call us from ANYWHERE in the world for 1.7 cents per minute.

    NOTE: You may find it cheaper to use Skype even when calling from inside the US

Step #4: Required Resources & Download

Squeeze Page Roadmap (PDF) — Click Here
Thank You Page Roadmap (PDF) — Click Here
Interview Request Letter (TXT) — Click Here
Squeeze Page Templates (ZIP) — Click Here
Thank You Page Roadmap (ZIP) — Click Here
How to Create A Squeeze Page (Video Tutorial) — Click Here
How to Create A Thank You Page (Video Tutorial) — Click Here
How to Create High CTR Opt-in Form (Video Tutorial) — Click Here
Interview Expert Request Letter (Video Tutorial) — Click Here
Autoresponder Service — Click here

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nasae August 28, 2012 at 3:51 am

You will learn all these secrets on Module #2.

This also means that by the end of the second module,

you are going to SOLVE several challenges you’ll face.

These will include:

Problems with optimizing your squeeze page — SOLVED!

Problems with freebie seekers — SOLVED!

Problems with getting MASSIVE subscribers — SOLVED!

Problems with non-responsive list — SOLVED!

Problems with building relationship with your audience — SOLVED!

Problems with sales conversion — SOLVED!

Problems with creating your 1st product — SOLVED!

Register for Module #2 on myblog at: (Wild Stuff!)

>> http://mysupercoach.com/blogit/?p=998


Kelvin November 13, 2012 at 8:03 pm

Thank you so much for this “no stone left unturned” explanation Henry.

You have already solved a couple of the problems that I feel I was suffering from and I can’t wait to hear the rest of your webinar’s.

This is a must attend series for ANY internet marketer no matter what their level.

Thanks SO much,


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